UL Regulation Consulting / UL WTDP Lab

  • Product Introduction

    • UL WTDP Lab
    • Test CCN including Insulation System OBJS2 & OBJY2,
    • Magnet Wire OBMW2, Single- and Multi-layer Insulated Winding Wire OBJT2
    • Magnet Wire Coatings OBNT2, Varnishes OBOR2
    • Pre-test for UL1446 insulation system
    • UL1446 test sample Preparation and Collection
    • Experts in the insulating materials and systems. EIM & EIS
    • UL1446 system adopting, UL Regulation Consulting

    Jasdi cooperates with Compliance Engineering to assist our customers in obtaining UL and other international safety certifications.
  • UL Insulation System Test
  • UL1446 Introduction
  • UL CCN
  • UL Magnet Wire Test
  • UL Magnet Wire Coating Test
  • UL Varnish Test
  • UL Triple Insulated Wire Test
  • Short Term Test

UL1446 Insulation System formal test and pre-rest (OBJS2/OMJY2)

  • We offer pre-test services
Classfication Type
Formal & Pre-test OBJS2 Sealed Tube Testing (CCT)
OBMW2 Magnet Wire
OBNT2 Magnet Wire Coatings
OBOR2 Insulating Resins Varnishes
OBJT2 Single- and Multi-Layer Insulated Winding Wire

Sample Preparation and Collecting Services:

  • Sample Collection
  • Sample Preparation
  • Varnish Dipping
  • Twisted Pair/Helical Coil
  • MW28 Heavy Build Magnet Wire

UL1446 Introduction

Object UL Category Who may apply
Systems for
OBJS2 Varnish、 Tape、 Plastic、 Film/Sheet、
Triple 、 Insulation Wire
System for winding
parts manufacturers
Transformer、 Motor



Type UL Category Product
EIM OBMW2 Magnet Wire
OBNT2 Magnet Wire Coatings
OBJT2 Triple Insulated Wire
OBOR2 Insulating Resins Varnishes
QMFZ2 Plastic 、 Film
QMFZ8 ( Certified For Canada)
OANZ2 Insulating Tapes
Motor PRGY2 Motor
PRGY8 ( Certified For Canada)

UL Magnet Wire Test

  • Thermal Aging of Twisted Pairs
  • Dielectric Strength Test
  • Elongation and Heat Shock Test
  • Infrared Analysis

UL Magnet Wire Coating Test

  • Thermal Aging of Twisted Pairs
  • Infrared Analysis

UL Varnish Test

  • Thermal Aging of Twisted Pairs
  • Thermal Aging of Helical Coil
  • Thermal Aging of Curved Electrode
  • Infrared Analysis

UL Triple Insulated Wire Test

  • Electric Strength – Straight Sample
  • Electric Strength – Twisted Sample
  • Flexibility and Adherence
  • Retention of Electric Strength after Bending
  • Heat Shock
  • Infrared Analysis

Short Term Test

Type Method Testing
UL746A Ig1. HWI (Hot Wire Ignition)
Ig2. HAI (High-Current Arc Ignition)
Ig3. HVTR (High-Voltage Arc Ignition)
Ig4. Glow Wire
V. V-0 、 V-1 、 V-2
5V. 5V-A 、 5V-B
VTM. VTM-0 、 VTM-1 、 VTM-2