Adhesive / Sealant

  • Product Introduction

    • UL94 V-0 Flame Retardant
    • Low Stress
    • Water Proof and Weatherability
    • High Thermal Conductivity and Dielectric Strength
    • Solvent Resistance
    • Very High Temp. Resistance to 1600℃
    • Very Low Temp. Resistance to -65℃
    • Heat Cure or Room Temp. Cure
    • One Part or Two Part

High Temperature Resistance Adhesive

  • One Part
  • Two Parts
  • Primer
Part No. Color Thermal Class
( ℃ )
Application PDF
FB001 Light Yellow -20~+80 UV UL94 V-0 UV curing adhesive for ABS, PC, PVC.
TAB-H Black 260 Heat cure High temperature. Three different viscosity versions.
1603HFR (UL) Yellow 130 RT Flame retardant
LDC 737 (UL) Translucent 180 RT Soft & High resilient silicone
SA-4825 (UL) White 200 RT Outstanding adhesion with UL94 V-0
SA-257 Translucent 180 RT General purpose silicone selant
White 200 RT Heat transfer silicone
FH-7063 White 148 RT UL Hot melt adhesive
60-7155 Transparent 200 UV UV curing adhesive or coating
A-225 Translucent、Black、White 100 RT Outstanding adhesion to ABS、PET、PC、PVC and SUS
A-240 Translucent、Black、White 100 RT Lower viscosity version of A-225
A-257 Translucent、Black 150 RT High temp. version of A-225
A-293 White 100 RT 1.9 W/mK, flexible, good adhesion
A-660 Slightly yellow 130 RT Widely application
AD-3NH Grey、Black 150 Heat cure Single part, High bonding strength
JC-26 Transparent 80~180 RT Fast cure,low whitening, low VOC
UV-403 Slightly yellow 80 UV UV curing adhesive for plastic or glass
UV-299 Clear 80 UV + Anaerobic UV curing adhesive for plastic or glass
UV-299L Clear 80 UV + Anaerobic UV curing adhesive for plastic or glass
200 Clear、Red 150 No oxygen Screw sealant,non-repairable
321 Clear、Green 80~110 RT Screw sealant,repairable, low VOC
569 White 1650 RT+
Heat cure
High thermostability
642 Semitransparent 1760 Heat cure Can mix metal or ceramic powder
Part No. Color Mix Ratio Thermal Class
( ℃ )
Application PDF
A-130 Yellow 10:1 100 RT Short term 120℃.
For bonding plastics like PA,
471-5LLHV (UL) Black 15:100 130 RT Fixing various parts
K-230 (MIL) Transparent 2:1 130 RT High bonding strength
K-462 Black 2:1 166 Heat cure High TG adhesive (TG 166℃)
10-3003NS Transparent 1:1 130 RT Pot life 45min,High bonding strength
10-3005NS Transparent 1:1 130 RT Pot life 5min,Handling time 15min
10-3044 White、Grey、Green 100:55 140 RT SMT Stencil Assembly adhesive
10-3216 Grey 1:1 110 RT Toughened epoxy
20-2121 Amber 116:100 125 RT Compliance with FDA
50-3186NC + Cat.190 Black 100:4 230 RT Non-slump paste
70-3812NC Grey 100:10 155 RT 4.5W/mK Heat transfer
121 Red+Blue 1:1 150 RT High bonding strength, Easy to use
556 Silver 1:1 171 RT Conducting adhesive
568 Grey 1:1 204 RT High thermal conductivity
804 (MIL) Slightly red 1:1 260 RT Balance putty for roller
Part No. Application PDF
AD-139 Bonding STPU to Nylon, Plastics, Stainless Steel
AD-6 Bonding liquid PU to metal or other hard surfaces 
AD-1146/AD-1147 Bonding liquid PU to aluminum alloys, magnesium, Iron, glass, glass fiber, wood, and leather etc.
PR-1167 Bonding liquid PU to solid PU or rubber 
Erabond 6100FC Bonding liquid PU to metal or other hard surfaces